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Reduce your AR content costs by 10x.

Dynamically generate 3D models for AR, based on your customers' choices.

Get accurate 3D & AR previews for every product you can possibly sell.

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Armchair with Walnut frame, Brown Leather upholstery, and Rose-Gold fittings, with Star-shape Stand.

All variants generated from a single 3D file.

Illustration of many options and assets being joined

Massively reduce your 3D content costs

Our first partner had 13 quadrillion, 980 trillion, 446 billion product variations. Thats a lot.

By using Variant they only had to create tens of different 3D shapes and materials, changing a mountainous content-creation project into a minor speed-bump.

If you can add a button
you can add AR.

Get USDZ and GLTF models generated on-the-fly via simple queries to Variant's API. No 3D rendering or AR knowledge needed, just your usual web developer and a 3D file.


Add 3D and AR to your existing purchasing journey

Already have a configurator or e-commerce store? Add mobile-browser AR and desktop 3D within days, without having to build and maintain a custom 3D configurator. Add and update product options without touching code.

A bike
A sofa
A yacht

Hire a 3D modeller to recreate your products and their options

If you don't have a 3D modeller, we can put you in touch with one.

Embed your product options in your 3D file

The 3D modeller tags the materials and shapes they created with simple option names like GOLD or TALL_BACK

Add a button to your e-commerce site or configurator

We take care of generating and optimising your 3D product, delivering files compatible with all mobile devices and desktop browsers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can my customers view AR product variants in their mobile browser without an app?

Yes! The Variant API is designed to return files fully compatible with Apple Quicklook and Android Model Viewer / Scene Viewer.


What kind of skills does my 3D modeller need?

Your 3D modeller should be comfortable creating realtime models and using PBR materials.


What 3D file format does Variant accept?

We accept GTLF - the most popular file format on the web. You can request a dynamically generated GLTF or USDZ from the Variant API, depending on your device.


Can I use my CAD models?

CAD models are too complex for viewing on mobile devices or laptops. However, they can provide a great starting point for 3D editors to create your product variants.

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