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Pricing that scales with
your sales

Our plans are based on user engagement & your product catalogue.

(10% discount)
$ 149 /mo


20,000 AR Quicklooks

3 Products

1 Team Member

Universal Links

Unlimited Variants

Entrepreneur Plan
$ 299 /mo


50,000 AR Quicklooks

20 Products

3 Team Members

Desktop Website Model Viewer

Universal Links

Unlimited Variants

Boutique Plan
$ 499 /mo


100,000 AR Quicklooks

50 Products

10 Team Members


Desktop Website Model Viewer

Universal Links

Unlimited Variants

Brand Plan
Prices shown exclude any applicable local sales tax (e.g. GST).
Overage charges of $0.01/view apply for usage beyond plan limits, waived when upgrading to a suitable plan.

Custom Integrations and Unlimited Quicklooks.

To get a price estimate for Enterprise use, please contact sales

Expand existing software & platforms

Extend your existing configurators, dynamically-generating Quicklooks from unique customer-created 3D products

API Access & Automation

Integrate with your existing product asset processes. Generate USDZs and GLTFs on-the-fly from assets on your cloud services.

White-labelled Solutions

Customise user-facing UI and links to create a branded experience and guarantee your customers confidence.


Frequently asked questions.

Get in touch if you have any other questions about our pricing

What counts as a a single 'AR Quicklook'?

We define a single 'AR Quicklook' as launching and downloading the generated 3D model from our servers. Depending on the user's device configuration and OS it may store the 3D asset in it's cache, so repeated views may not add to the count.

What are Universal Links?

Quicklook links on iOS and Android require separate file formats, and very specific HTML formatting. Universal Links mean you can use the same link for both platforms, even in email newsletters and other platforms. Our SDK will also make sure any links you use on your websites are Quicklook compatible and work without issues.

What counts as a single Product?

We count a single uploaded 3D file as a product. You can have as many variants (mesh options and material options) as you want within a product.

What if I use more Quicklooks than my plan?

We offer an overage rate of $0.01 per view, or alternately you can move up to the next plan for greater savings.